Our Team

Rebecca Hurst
Team Leader

I’m Rebecca Hurst and I’m a Supervisor at Vision Beyond Autism, developing programmes for the school and 19+ model. My role includes staff training as well as developing curriculums for: home, transitions from school to college, inclusion in work experience and leisure activities.

I have worked in the field of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) for six years, working with both children and adults in education, community and workplace settings. I have an MSc in ABA from Bangor University and an MA in Psychology from California State University Stanislaus. I completed my Masters in ABA through the Atlantis student exchange programme where I had the opportunity to study in Wales, Poland and California for a two-year period.

Whilst in the US, I took part in an externship where I worked with a number of leading behaviour analysts in an ABA centre; here I gained clinical experience and also worked as a 1:1 tutor.

In the UK I continued working in the field of ABA on home programmes and as a school shadow in nurseries. I then worked in a primary school for a number of years, implementing ABA in both the resource provision and in the mainstream classrooms, working closely with the teachers and other professionals. During this time, I ran social skills, SALT and OT sessions and collaborated on numerous IEPs and behaviour support plans.

Toni Howarth
Team Leader/Supervisor

I’m Toni and I’m a Supervisor at Vision Beyond Autism. I am responsible for the school model whereby I manage the school ABA programmes under the BCBA Consultant. I conduct assessments, write assessment reports, write programmes specific to the children’s needs, monitor progress, write behaviour plans, train staff in ABA, train parents, run monthly training sessions, lead monthly progress meetings alongside a multidisciplinary team, liaise with schools, line manage staff and so on.

I have worked in ABA since starting my undergrad in psychology at the University of Huddersfield. I gained a wide variety of experience in the field working across West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester on Early Intervention programmes led by fantastic BCBAs who inspired my career path.

Since working 1:1 for many years with children on the autism spectrum, I have gone on to work as an ABA Supervisor whilst I worked part-time towards my Master’s in ABA, from which I’ll graduate in late 2019. In addition to this, I am also working towards my supervised fieldwork hours to pursue certification in behaviour analysis.

My experience is with children aged 2–15 mostly in school, home, nursery or specialist settings, such as the local ABA Saturday school (Autism Support UK) and specialist schools. I have taught a wide range of learners across a wealth of skills, communication (including PECS, PROLOQUO2GO), learning to learn skills, group skills, social skills, academic skills, self-help skills and decreasing barriers to learning.

My favourite thing to teach is communication. I find it overwhelmingly reinforcing seeing my learners’ language progress. I see language as a key to opening so many doors and have witnessed first hand multiple times how life-changing teaching and expanding communication can be, which is also a focus within my MSC thesis.