Vision Beyond Autism work on a dedicated basis with children and young adults with complex autism and their families in the North West. We have specialist, behaviourally trained staff who develop and run programmes with individuals that give them the freedom to follow their own path. Above all, we support them to do what is ordinary, what most people choose to do. To be included, to be part of their own community.  To go to the local school, or college, or workplace, to shop, walk, have friends, enjoy what is familiar, what feels safe, what feels secure. In fact, what anyone else takes for granted.

Our specialism is in supporting people with complex autism, so individuals with autism plus learning disability or difficulty for whom life is a real challenge. It is this group of people who have, traditionally, been sent to institutional care early in their lives. We are dedicated to avoiding that.

Our pressing need is to secure decent local housing for those adults who need to leave their parental home. This time of their lives is risky. For people with complex autism familiarity equals security and change presents great anxiety. Being local, in their familiar streets, shops, parks, work and all the rest is really important. And it needs planning. Emergency placements, all too common for these individuals, would mean being sent somewhere, often a long way from family and friends.

So, we have to secure decent local housing, in familiar places. The charity, in partnership with a Local Housing Association that majors in helping disabled people, is working with us to find and purchase the right accommodation. Just ordinary, safe, community living, where they can make a positive contribution.

We have to raise £100,000 deposit.

Colin Boyd, parent of one of Vision Beyond Autism’s clients, raised more than £2000 for VBA, through a charity bike ride with his colleagues. Their challenge was to ride from the API Ltd headquarters, in Poynton, just outside Manchester, to their sister manufacturing location in Livingston, Scotland.

Over three days, they cycled 290 miles, spending just over 23 hours in the saddle. A fortnight later, as an additional part of the challenge, Colin ran the Edinburgh half marathon, which he managed to complete. Through these demanding challenges, and with fantastic support, Colin raised more than £2000 for VBA’s work. Everyone at VBA would like to thank Colin and his colleagues for this amazing effort. Huge thanks also to everyone who donated.

If you can help us achieve that please donate via JustGiving:

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Or if you prefer to offer a bank transfer donation, please get in touch by ringing 07593 552174.

Thank you. You just helped someone avoid a lost life.